• World of Art (WOA) - Contemporary Art magazine is a marketing tool. It develops a story around the magazine and the books and the artist included thereby fostering interest among art collectors, art galleries, art museums and enticing them to make a work of art purchase or exhibition. The concept is simple and the result of the development process is often an extended request. World of Art (WOA) is synonymous with an advertorial and consists of artists portfolios and galleries profiles in contemporary art publication.

  • World of Art evolves this concept to reflect the needs of modern art marketers. Art Collectors, Galleries and Museums no longer respond as interested to messages they clearly identify as contemporary art - overexposed performance, installation, happening. The focus of every published World of Art book and magazine is the target collector, gallery and museum not the publishing vanity. World of Art develops art publishing with a focus on the art market collector, gallery and museum: who they are and where their interests lie. Based on this understanding, World of Art develops an original art magazine and unique art books, targeted content which promises to better attract and hold target art' attention.

  • Consistent delivery of high-quality magazine and contemporary art books content fosters a relationship with collectors, developing identity as contemporary valuable artist and giving greater access to collectors and galleries. This relationship provides the value behind World of Art wide variety of publishing projects thanks to our international-wide bookstores and newsstands network of distributors and contractors.

  • World of Art strategy cuts through broad generalizations to identify what is distinct and unique in contemporary art. We collaborate with each interested artist, gallery and museum to map art content and develop a World of Art solutions around each publishing project. World of Art builds long-term relationships with more than 6000 artists, galleries, art fairs and museums. The goal here is affinity. Once you have trust, you have access, and that is the power of World of Art.

  • World of Art is an artist-run publishing in the field of contemporary art, culture and theory.
    Close collaboration with artists, galleries. museums and art institutions is essential to us, both in case of commissioned works as well as initiatives proposed by others. We offer a platform for publishing on subjects of contemporary and topical interest in the field of art and culture. Further, we perceive a book as an alternative medium for artists, both as a visual object and as way of documenting the artistic process. For every book a tailor-made plan is created, encompassing all steps from the initial idea to the distribution.