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         AT THE NEW MOMA

         The Museum of Modern Art

         The Museum of Modern Art opens on October 21 with    visual arts and as autonomous disciplines with specific
         galleries dedicated to architecture and design across   histories and methodologies.
         all floors of the Museum. Each of these installations   These new and extensive spaces allow the Department
         explores different topics, extending a dialogue with   of Architecture and Design not only to explore
         the integrated presentations of all mediums and      the collection through changing themes in regular
         chronologies throughout the collection galleries     rotations, but also to mount topical installations that
         on the fifth, fourth, and second floors. The location   leverage the Department’s holdings to address current
         of the architecture and design galleries on each of   disciplinary conversations and public concerns.
         these floors, as well as on the first and third floors,   This new approach to ever-evolving collection-
         reflects the curatorial vision of a “both–and” approach,   based installations ensures that visitors can always
         acknowledging architecture and design both as        view dynamic work from modern and contemporary
         integral to the interdisciplinary conversation with the   architects and designers.

                                                              Installation view of Architecture Systems (gallery 417), The Museum of Modern
                                                              Art, New York. © 2019 The Museum of Modern Art. Photo: Robert Gerhard

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