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a sensibility that is energetic, not aggressive. This
         is associated with a notion of pleasure, and to the   Emphasis on is required to capture minute
         idea of a “guarantee” within art, that of successfully   sensations and thoughts. These artists are opposed
         creating the minority reality of a personal image    to the focus on the monumental and heroic that
         deriving from the artist’s individual impulse.       dominated the art of the Sixties. Detail is the
         Mutability derives from the transient character of   anchor of the temporary, the support of an art
         style, which can never be guaranteed continuity      that operates on the slope of sensibility and of
         or stability. The young Italian artists in fact use   the “state of grace”. The humble skill of technique
         languages that are both different and differentiated,   also dictates an anti-heroic and ironically domestic
         references to cultures both remote in time and also   behavior. It is no coincidence that these artists
         close to our own. A fan-like sensibility promotes    constantly resort to drawing, which allows a refined
         images that surpass each other and move away         and fleeting, dynamic and flowing expression.
         from poetics and a traditional faithfulness to it.   Drawing makes it possible to capture the rapid
         Obviously, the image oscillates between figurative   transitions of sensibility, its spread beyond the
         and abstract, between reference to an excessive      restrictions of matter and paint. The sign does not
         figuration and the balanced reticence of the         encounter obstacles; on the contrary it permits
         abstract, decorative motif.                          understated images that are agile and open.
                                                              Drawing allows allusion without peremptoriness; it
         The transience is in the creation of the work, which   allows the expression of a state of mind without any
         is never hampered by academic perfectionism,         need for a definitive and categorical description.
         but is always in transit between the creative drive
         and the stability of the result. Moreover, the       The drawing in the works by Chia, Clemente,
         image always catches fleeting sensations, such       Cucchi, De Maria and Paladino is sign, stroke,
         as the witticisms in the work of Chia, the sense     image, effigy, line, outline, scribble, doodle,
         of matter in that of Cucchi, the suspension of       landscape, map, diagram, profile, silhouette,
         time in Clemente, the music of color in De Maria,    sketch, illustration, figure, foreshortened
         and multipurpose motifs in Paladino. Time as a       figure, print, split, model, tracing, caricature,
         relentless flow becomes the defining moment          chiaroscuro, graffiti, engraving, map, lithography,
         of works that contain the embryo of their own        pastel, etching, woodcut. The tools may be:
         supersedence.                                        charcoal, pencil, pen, brush, compass, set square,
                                                              pantograph, slide-rule, ruler, stumping, stencil. The
         Contradiction arises from the refusal to be confined   procedure can be arabesque, tracing, composing,
         within the geometry of a coherence tied to a         copying, erasing, correcting, shining, drawing.
         fixed, ideologically bunkered idea of the world.     The result: field, contour, shade, decoration,
         The images are the symptoms of an inexhaustible      perspective, sketching.
         reserve that is not held in check by a univocal
         language. Ironic, dramatic images, bright, neutral   Often in these artists the drawing produces intimate
         signs continuously cross the surface of the work,    and emblematic signs, it works through shadow
         never characterizing and defining things that are    and delicate shading, perceiving a “second soul”
         intended to be mobile and open.                      in things, discerning elusive and unpredictable

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