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Biennale Arte 2022  LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA


         President: Roberto Cicutto
         Board: Luigi Brugnaro (VP), Claudia Ferrazzi, Luca Zaia
         Auditors' Committee: Jair Lorenco - President Stefania
         Bortoletti Anna Maria Como Debora Gobbini (Substitute)
         General Director:Andrea Del Mercato

                                                              Overview Arsenale. Photo: Andrea Avezzù. Courtesy La Biennale di Venezia

         BIENNALE 2022                                        ARSENALE
         3rd Permanent Festival of Restored Films.            Lagoonside pavilion and exhibition hall used for art
         10 February > 26 May                                 shows at the Biennale festival, plus opera. Since 1980 the
                                                              Arsenale has become an exhibition site of La Biennale
         Archèus. Labirinto Mozart                            on the occasion of the 1st International Architecture
         Installation by Ophicina and Damiano Michieletto at   Exhibition. Later on, the same spaces were used during
         Forte Marghera (Mestre)                              the Art Exhibitions for the Open section. Since 1999,
         18 February > 5 June 2022                            a program for the enhancement of the area has been
                                                              implemented, which has allowed to open to the public.
         13.International Kids’ Carnival
         19 > 27 February

         59.International Art Exhibition
         Directed by Cecilia Alemani
         23 April > 27 November

         50.International Theatre Festival
         24 June > 3 July 2022
         Directed by Stefano Ricci and Gianni Forte

         16.International Festival of Contemporary Dance
         22 > 31 July 2022
         directed by Wayne McGregor

         79.Venice International Film Festival                Central Pavilion. Giardini. Photo: Francesco Galli. Courtesy La Biennale di Venezia
         31 August > 10 September 2022
         Directed by Alberto Barbera                          GIARDINI
         #BiennaleCinema2022                                  The traditional site of La Biennale since the first edition
                                                              in 1895, the Giardini rise to the eastern edge of Venice
         66.International Festival of Contemporary Music
                                                              and were made by Napoleon at the beginning of the
         14 > 25 September 2022
                                                              nineteenth century. It was the success of the first editions
         Directed by Lucia Ronchetti
                                                              to trigger the building of 29 foreign pavilions since 1907,
                                                              which were added to the already built Central Pavilion.
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