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59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, The Milk of Dreams
         Photo by: Andrea Avezzù, Courtesy: La Biennale di Venezia
                                                               For the first time, except perhaps in the postwar
         Winding up the exhibition in the outdoor spaces at the   period, the Artistic Director was not able to view
         Arsenale are major projects by Giulia Cenci, Virginia   many of the artworks first-hand, or meet in person
         Overton, Solange Pessoa, Wu Tsang, and Marianne       with most of the participating artists. During these
         Vitale, which guide viewers to the Giardino delle Vergini   endless months in front of the screen, I have
         along a path that leads through animal beings, organic   pondered the question of what role the International
         sculptures, industrial ruins, and disorienting landscapes.  Art Exhibition should play at this historical juncture,
                                                               and the simplest, most sincere answer I could find is
         The Milk of Dreams was conceived and organised        that the Biennale sums up all the things we have so
         in a period of enormous instability and uncertainty,   sorely missed in the last two years: the freedom to
         since its development coincided with the outbreak     meet people from all over the world, the possibility of
         and spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.                  travel, the joy of spending time together, the practice
                                                               of difference, translation, incomprehension, and
         La Biennale di Venezia was forced to postpone this    communion.
         edition by one year, an event that had only occurred
         during the two World Wars since 1895. So the very     The Milk of Dreams is not an exhibition about the
         fact that this exhibition can open is somewhat        pandemic, but it inevitably registers the upheavals of
         extraordinary: its inauguration is not exactly the    our era. In times like this, as the history of La Biennale
         symbol of a return to normal life, but rather the     di Venezia clearly shows, art and artists can help us
         outcome of a collective effort that seems almost      imagine new modes of coexistence and infinite new
         miraculous.                                           possibilities of transformation.

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