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                                                              GROUP FORMED IN THE LATE 1970s
                                                              The political elation of the Sixties drove art towards the
                                                              impersonal. The creative force behind the image was
                                                              invisible. Now, however, particularly in works by Chia,
                                                              Clemente, Cucehi, De Maria and Paladino in Italy, the
                                                              hand of the individual artist art is happily no longer
                                                              divorced from the conceptual impulse. This hand shows
                                                              itself in the capacity of the work of art to display a
                                                              subjectivity that makes use of all the tools of expression
                                                              and every kind of language.

                                                              The young Italian artists feel compelled however to
                                                              use a means expression that is always subject to the
                                                              rigorous rules of language. But language no longer
                                                              follows the logic or the coherent, linear paths of recent
                                                              years. Rather the new means of expression is rooted in
                                                              an open, shifting nomadism that refuses to be trapped
                                                              in predictable, logical development. The fundamental
                                                              idea behind the new work is that of a drift, a movement
                                                              with no predetermined directions, no points of departure
                                                              and arrival, accompanied by a desire to find each time
                                                              a provisional mooring in the gradual shifts of sensibility
                                                              within the work.

                                                              Subjectivity asserts itself through its very fragmentation,
                                                              through the accidental nature of an image which
         59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, The Milk of Dreams  never claims to be a unitary or “cumulative” moment;
         Photo by: Andrea Avezzù, Courtesy: La Biennale di Venezia  it is always as a precarious vision, never grasping or
                                                              attempting to grasp the meaning of the world and the
                                                              accompanying idea of the infinite. Here, the image
                                                              becomes the repository of a mere hint of potentiality,
                                                              expressed through the means of art, i.e. grace and

                                                              The works of the young Italian artists convey not so
                                                              much private, autobiographical subjectivity, but rather
                                                              the structural elements that characterize it: mutability,
                                                              transience, contradiction and emphasis on detail. The
                                                              new work is permeated by a sensibility that is energetic,

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