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Guggenheim Las Vegas  MUSEUM

                           Opening Date  OCTOBER 7, 2001

                           Location         THE VENETIAN REsORT-HOTEL-CAsINO
                                            3355 LAs VEGAs BOuLEVARD sOuTH
                                            LAs VEGAs, NV 89109 usA

                        The Guggenheim Las Vegas was conceived for the
                          contemporary painting and sculpture, to architecture and
                         presentation of special exhibitions, ranging from
                              Rem Koolhaas/Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA),

                                  approximately 210-feet-long, 160-feet-wide, and 70-feet-high.
                Museum Architecture:     The main gallery in the 63,700-square-foot building is
                                   The largest gallery features a 70-foot by 70-foot pivoting door,
                                    as well as a functioning industrial bridge crane—hovering
                                     close to the ceiling and suspended from tracks at either side
                                      of the space—with a lifting capacity of 35 tons. The main floor
                               Rotterdam, Netherlands.
     Museum Description:   design, and multi-media art.
                                         which can either be covered with 21 five-ton trench covers to
                                          create a single level, or the trench covers can be selectively
                                           removed to reveal the galleries on the lower level. The lower
                                            level is accessed either by escalators or via a 30-foot-wide
                                             lime green processional staircase. A skylight in the ceiling—
                                              125-feet by 70-feet—features motorized trap covers, located
             Architect:                 of the large gallery is breached by a 210-foot by 30-foot trench,
                                               on the roof, which can either filter out all natural light or be
                                                fully open to the sky. In a gesture to the Las Vegas aesthetic,
                                                 Koolhaas has covered the underside of the skylight with a
                                                   large-scale facsimile of the central scene from Michelangelo’s
                                                    sistine Chapel ceiling. A media wall that is 60-feet-high and
                                                     120-feet-wide comprises the northern wall of the main gallery.

                                                        The Art of the Motorcycle, which was first presented at the
                                                         solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in 1998. With more than 120
                                                          motorcycles on display, the exhibition chronicles the most
                                                           compelling moments in motorcycle design and technology. The
                                                            exhibition explores the motorcycle as a quintessential symbol
                                                              of the Modern age. The installation, designed by architect
                                                                Guggenheim Las Vegas and to the materials of the motorcycles
                                                               frank Gehry, responds both to the scale of Koolhaas’s
                                                                 themselves. Gehry’s building-within-a-building features
                                                                  enormous, curved polished stainless steel walls, towering
                                                                   chain-link curtains, glass floors and partitions, large-scale
                                                                    graphics, and a sophisticated interpretation of the curators’
                                      Opening Exhibition:  The inaugural exhibition of the Guggenheim Las Vegas is
                                                                       This exhibition is made possible by BMW Motorcycles and

                                                                            Robert Goldstein, President, The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino

                                                                         proudly sponsored by Delta Air Lines.

                                                      sponsor:       narrative. Thomas Krens, Director, solomon R. Guggenheim foundation
                                                          Project Leadership:

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