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                                              GREEN BEAM - LOVE DIALOGuE BETWEEN YIN AND YANG

                                              Born  in  1944  in  Germany,  Rebecca  Horn  studies  at  the
                                              Hochschule fur bildende Kunste of Hamburg from 1964 to
                                              1970. In 1968, she starts participating to manifestations of
                                              body art. Then she combines minimalism and kinetic art to
                                              build a conceptual and self referenced works.
                                              since 1970, she builds animated machines and determines
                                              her vocabulary as “signs and secret language”. Her works
                                              mixes literary allusions and alchemistic references, sexual,
                                              metaphysical or cinematographic.
                                              Machines imitate Life while remaining sculpture. They participate
                                              to an esthetic world which concentrates touching to sublimate
                                              them in energies:

                                              “The magic wand becomes ray of light
                                              by enchantment joins the up and the down
                                              with pulsations ofenergy”
                                              R.Horn in “Tailleur du Coeur” (Cutter of Heart)

                                              for the space of Piece unique, Rebecca Horn has conceived
                                              a machine-sculpture where the two energies yin and yang
                                              create, in their meeting point, a lightning: the Green Beam.

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