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moma the museum of modern art new york

                                                                             eXhiBition oF
                                                                             draWings eXPlores
                                                                             the resurgence and

                                                                             rich diVersity oF the

                                                                             DraWinG nOW:
                                                                             EIGHT PROPOSITIONS
                                                                             Features more than
                                                                             250 contemPorary
                                                                             draWings, including

                                                                             three site-sPeciFic

                                                                             octoBer 17, 2002, - january 6, 2003

                       kai althoFF

                       uNTITLED, 2000. WATERCOLOR ON PAPER 11 ½ x 12½ IN / 30
                       x 32 CM., PRIVATE COLLECTION. PHOTO COuRTESy GALERIE   Drawing Now: Eight Propositions features more than
                       NEu, BERLIN                                   250 contemporary drawings, including three site-
                                                                     specific works, by a diverse group of 26 young artists,
                       laura oWens                                   some well-known, others relative newcomers, who
                       uNTITLED, 2000. CuT AND PASTEL COLORED PAPERS,   have seized this most basic of mediums and pushed it
                       WATERCOLOR, ACRyLIC, AND PENCIL ON PAPER, 39 ¼ x 27½
                                                                     to the forefront of contemporary art. The works are
                       IN / 99,4 x 70,2 CM., COLLECTION THE MuSEuM OF MODERN
                                                                     arranged in eight groupings, or ‘propositions,” which
                       ART, NEW yORK.PuRCHASED WITH FuNDS By THE FRIENDS
                                                                     serve as a loose framework for the consideration of
                                                                     drawing today.
                       COuRTESy SADIE COLES Hq, LONDON
                                                                     The propositions explore the tradition of descriptive
                                                                     drawing of natural phenomena, the tradition of
                                                                     ornament, the conventions of engineering and
                                                                     architectural drawings, visionary architecture, mental
                                                                     maps that aim to explain not a specific place but an
                                                                     entire state of being, vernacular illustration, comic
                                                                     book and animation traditions, and portraiture,
                                                                     from fashion illustration to nineteenth-century pencil

                                                                     The three new site-specific wall drawings are by Los
                                                                     Carpinteros, Julie Mehretu, and Richard Wright. The
                                                                     other artists in the exhibition are Franz Ackermann,
                                                                     Kai Althoff, Kevin Appel, Russell Crotty, John Currin,
                                                                     Toba Khedoori, Graham Little, Mark Manders,
                                                                     Barry McGee, Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara,
                                                                     Paul Noble, Jockum Nordstmm, Chris Ofili, Laura
                                                                     Owens, Jennifer Pastor, Elizabeth Peyton, Neo Rauch,
                                                                     Matthew Ritchie, Ugo Rondinone, Shahzia Sikander,
                                                                     David Thorpe, and Kara Walker

                                                                     Laura Hoptman, Guest Curator

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