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moma the museum of modern art new york

         the museum oF modern
         art to eXhiBit Visionary

         draWings that record
         a PiVotal moment in the
         history oF architecture

         the ChanGinG Of the
         DRAWINGS From the hoWard

         gilman collection Will Be
         on VieW at moma Qns

         octoBer 24, 2002, - january 6, 2003

         To celebrate the Howard Gilman Foundation’s generous
         gift of 205 visionary architectural drawings to The
         Museum of Modem Art in November 2000, a selection
         of 173 will be presented in this exhibition. The Howard
         Oilman Collection, one of the foremost collections of
         visionary architectural drawings in the world, focuses on
         radical projects from the 1960s and 1970s and includes
         some of the most famous utopian drawings of the 20th
         century, such as Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House
         project (1927) and Ron Herron’s spectacular Cities-
         Moving (1966). In addition to the Oilman Collection   aldo rossi and gianni Braghieri
         works, 16 related drawings from the Museum’s         CEMENTERy OF SAN CATALDO, MODENA, ITALy.
         Architectural Drawings collection will be on view. Among   1971-84. AERIAL PERSPECTIVE (1971): CRAyON AND GRAPHIC
         the many architects whose work will be featured are   ON SEPIA DIAZOTyPE, 24 x 49¾ IN (61 x 126,4 CM). GIFT OF
         Raimund Abraham, Archigram, Arata lsozaki, Rem       THE HOWARD GILMAN FOuNDATION. ©2002 THE MuSEuM OF
         Koolhaas, Leon Krier, Gaetano Pesce, Cedric Price, Aldo   MODERN ART, NEW yORK
         Rossi, and Ettore Sottsass.
                                                              massimo scolari, aldo melamPo
         Th Howard Oilman Collection was assembled in just    PROJECT, 1975. OBLIquE PROJECTION: COLOR INK,
         a few years -between 1976 and 1980-a period that     WATERCOLOR AND GRAPHITE ON BOARD, 11½ x 10 IN /
         coincided with one of the greatest bursts of creative   30,2 x 25, 4 CM. GIFT OF HOWARD GILMAN FOuNDATION.
         energy ever recorded on paper by architects, comprising   PHOTO: JON CROSS AND ERICA STATON, DIGITAL COLLECTION
         nothing less than the last rally of the heroic visions of   PROJECT, LuNA IMAGING. DIGITAL IMAGE © 2002 THE
         prewar modernism and the very first lights of what would   MuSEuM OF MODERN ART, NEW yORK
         broadly be known as postmodemism. As a whole, the
         collection is not only unique, but is also a remarkably
         complete cross section of that period’s rapidly changing
         currents in the world of architecture.

         The acquisition of this collection prompted the creation of
         The Howard Oilman Archive within the Department of
         Architecture and Design. The archive not only provides a
         rare and comprehensive view of a significant moment in
         history but also a fundamental documentation of the root
         sources of our architecture today.

         Terence Riley, Chief Curator,
         Department of Architecture and Design

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