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franco verdi   itaLY

         Franco verdi (Giovanni Francesco Silvano Verdi di belmont), born   stephan, Wien austria; palazzo del broletto, novara italy; Galerie   appunti sul nostro tempo, lonato italy; 1972 tendenze nell’arte
         in 1934 italy. he studied art, literature and philosophy. published   im taxispalais, lnnsbruck austria; Galleria sincron, brescia italy;   d’oggi, Galleria 2b, bergamo italy; operazioni sul visivo, Galleria
         numerous books and graphic works.   museo civico bologna italy;1969 visuelle poesie Westfälicher   barba, castellanza italy; 1973 an international encyclopaedia of
         group exhibitions 1966 open theatre and Gallery berkeley   kunstverein, münster Germany; arte registered, mentana   plans, anderson Gallery, richmond usa; signos Espacio arte,
         usa; mostra internazionale di poesia sperimentale, casa del   karnhoval, rieti italy; visuelle poesie, residenz, salzburg austria;   club pueblo, madrid spain; Galleria peccolo, livorno italy; arte
         mantegna, mantova italy; Galleria sala cultura, modena italy;   confronto 69, Galleria sincron, brescia italy; deutsche bibliotek   moltiplicata internazionale, studio 2b, bergamo italy; 1974 Grafica
         Galleria Juana mordo, madrid spain; arlington one, arlington   roma italy; liberté de parole, theatre du vieux colombier France;   multipla, assessorato cultura della provincia di torino italy;
         usa; Galleria barandarian, san sebastian spain; lettura del   Exposicion internacional de poesia visual, zaragoza spain;   Grafica 74, Galleria andromeda, bologna italy; omaggio al bianco
         linguaggio visivo, castello del valentino, torino italy; 1967 palazzo   proposte 1969, studio Farnese, roma italy; Galeria u, montevideo   su bianco, Galleria il Gelso, lodi italy; 1975 opening event, pierce
         monte pietà, castelfranco veneto italy; libreria Feltrinelli, Firenze   uruguay; liberarse, universidad montevideo uruguay; 11 giorni   college art Gallery, la usa; recycling, israel museum Jerusalem
         italy; club turati, milan italy; rotor, valladolid, cuenca san   di arte collettiva, pejo italy; Galleria sincron, brescia italy; centro   israel; 1977 la forma della scrittura, Galleria d’arte moderna
         sebastian spain; Gallerie denise davy, paris France;  segni nello   suolo, milano italy; 1970 Galleria Giovio, como italy; Galeria danae,   bologna italy; scrittura visuale, ca’ dei ricchi, treviso italy; saloni
         spazio, castello di s.Giusto, trieste italy; Galleria sincron, brescia   madrid spain; de poesia avanzada, universidad de zaragoza   del sale, venezia italy; scrittura visuale, Galleria del centro udine
         italy; studio 2b, bergamo italy, 1968 poesie de recherche, les   spain; Exempla, comune di marciana italy; künstlerhaus palais   italy; palazzo della regione trento italy; 1978 carn.era, Galleria
         vaguants, nice France; Galleria l’lncontro, Firenze italy; Galleria   thurn und taxis, bregenz austria; Fondo de cultura universitaria   de amicis, Firenze italy; War memorial Gallery sydney canada;
         centro documentazione visiva, piacenza italy; Galerie college,   montevideo uruguay; Galleria artivisive, roma italy; bildungshaus   national Gallery of victoria, melbourne australia; mantua mail
         alpbach; un paese più l’avanguardia, anfo italy; Galerie nachts st.   schloss, puchberg stedelijk museum amsterdam holland; 1971   78, casa del mantegna,mantova italy; vi biennale internazionale  »

          In his concrete painting Franco Verdi isolates                        mysterious immediateness of the visual
         the word on the presupposition that it   Franco verdi transForMs the   communication” (in “Because we make our
         embodies the primary element of the lexical,   gold and the silver in  city so ugly” Milan I967). It is a question of a
         the narrative connection of the same words,   color and light          diagnosis, although apparently puzzling in its
         not being so important for the attainment of a                         logic brought forward from an architect that
         rational meaning, arousing feelings and                                wants to see with the eyes and not with the
         images, that go out also but from the presence   words by              mind the things and not the descriptions of the
                                              LUiGi taLLarico
         materico-graphics, to which it is tied up the                          same things.
         freedom of the words.                translated by                      But in the Verdi’s contriteness before the
          In the exchange of roles, the ideographic poet   teresa blanchard     words can be read, they have to be seen.
         Pound remembered that the poetry is “simply                             Didn’t Leon Battista Alberti say after all that
         loaded language of meaning to the maximum                              the dignity of the architect is founded upon the
         possible degree,” while Montale said, “nobody                          cultural and projectual commitment?
         would write verses if the problem of the poetry                         And didn’t Boccioni remind that the artist,
         would be the one to be understood.”                                    who more does, more sees?
          But to avoid the worry of Montale it is                                On the other hand in the limited particular
         enough to load the language of which the word              Franco verdi  of the conceptual or of the concrete, of the
         is the support. From the moment, however,                    Megahens  word that denies the mysterious immediateness
         that “each word is a composite nature,                           1984   of the visual concepts and the optical signals
         resulting from the combination of more                                 that they do not look in the instruments of
         minimal elements of vowels that consonants, it                         knowledge of the things, so that many of “the
         follows that the poetry, confirm Verdi giving                          freedom of the words” have not always known
         reason to Pound and to Montale on it, it is                            how to balance the conceptual and the visual.
         prone to isolate and to emphasize the word, for                         In the linguistic and chromatic of Franco
         which it is the subject of architectural                               Verdi the two ways have always looked for a
         construction of it,” soliciting as in the freedom                      collaborative effectiveness even when the path
         of the words, in this regard, that active                              has preferred some particular meanings, but
         character that is quite of the Poundian charge.                        without derogate from the extreme active
          Consequently these more active solicitations                          function of the text, between word, sign and
         that determine the relationship between action                         color.
         and acting, not so much a meaning of symbolic                           Franco Verdi slices the verbal structure of his
         or rational value, as new feelings and as they                         Walls, a period of his extremely exciting
         are realized. Those are not determined at the                          painting, and elevates it to ornament,
         origin, but elaborated in an architectural                             admonition, dream, play.
         construction during the lived-living of whom                            Franco Verdi transforms the gold and the
         lives time.                                                            silver of his subjects’ plots in the sign of the
          But the isolated word and denied to                                   word and of the light.
         completed lexical formulation in the intent to                          The conceptual journey of Franco Verdi
         become understood doesn’t exhibit the subject                          begins when he leaves the explanatory and
         of the language, that is his autonomous and                            representative paths. Then, and only then,
         unrelated presence, from the moment that -                             words and signs leave the way to the color and
         says Verdi- “the letters of the alphabet do not                        to the light.
         lend themselves to a reading exclusively optics                         The luministic chromatism is not born from
         in which the varied chromatics recognize a                             the abstraction, from the removal of anything.
         new formal syntax, a new world of signs, of                            The luministic chromatism is born from the
         codes always unpredictable, however always to                          concreteness of the abstract.
         surprise” (L. Meneghelli, “The walls of Franco                          His modus operandi does not refuse the
         Verdi”, in The Arena, Verona, VI. 1981).                               problems of the historical vanguards, that
          In fact the architect and theoretical of the                          already at the beginning of the century had
         architecture, Philip Johnson, has observed,                            sensed that the poetic wisdom is not born first
         “words have a tendency to become tools of                              and in an aural manner in men of  the young
         knowledge... to increase the interest in the                           nations gifted “with a corporeal imagination”
         value of the description of the things rather                          (G. B. Vico).
         than of the things themselves. Words are for                            Philosophy, like the bird of Minerva, arrives
         the mind not for the eyes. Words... deny the                           at the sunset, when men are no longer beasts,  »

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