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artist talk
                                                                     julie olivari

                                                                 carlos calvo 447, 13 h, buenos aires 1102 argentina
                                                                         tEl +54 1 361 1848 Fa x +54 1 361 1848
                                                                 i’ve worked as a theatrical   gave me new ideas about space.
                                                               set designer and scene painter   I am reminded of Antoni
                                                               in Buenos Aires for many years,   Tapies, Joaquin Chillida, Carlos
                                                               for a very important argentine   Saura and a young argentine
                                                               set designer Mario Vanarelli.  painter named Fernando Cano-
                                                                 I love painting. I’ve started   vas who lives in Barcelona and
                                                               working with figurative forms.   mixes two manners of painting:
                                                               I’ve looked at Paul Cézanne and   figurative and abstraction on
                                                               Paul Gauguin.              the same canvas.
                                                                 I love the free construction of   Afterwards my mind or my
                                                               Cézanne (Saint Victoire Moun-  spirit ran looking for another
                                                               tain) and I loved the free life   form of expression and I found
                                                               of Gauguin in Martinique, in   it in abstraction. The elements
                                                               Tahiti, the color of the Polyne-  in my paints don’t work inde-
                                                               sian Sea, his quiet figures.  pendently. I went back to my
                                                                 I don’t consider myself as a   profession and I got pleasure
                                                               figurative artist because I found   from construction of theatre
                                                               the meaning of art when I was   maquettes. From that moment,
                                                               looking at form involving space.   I incorporated the volume and
                                                               They address other language   mixed media in my works,
                                                               rather the collages and the func-  called them “Scene Paints”
                                                               tion of it show a chaotic world   between theatre and painting.
                                                               in the power of violence.   I consider a work finished
                                                                 Many years ago I was tempted   when it’s harmonic because the
          Man & energy (7), 1994 acrylic construction art 60 x 60 cM / 32¾ x  32¾ in   to do something other than   physicality of it is very impor-
                                                               paint. I also loved to write and   tant.
                                                               I’ve published two books of   Some specific people were piv-
                                                               short stories and poems.   otal in my career. The meaning
           aHMed naWar                                         reviews because the artwork   of my work has been influenced
                                                                 I don’t care about the bad
                                                                                          by contemporary artists such as
                                                               itself is the best way to show the   Tapies, Chilliada, Saura. Some
                                                               own and real truth.        Americans have also influenced
                                                                 The meaning of my work   me Rochtko, De Kooning, Jack-
                                                               has been influences by contem-  son Pollock. I only say that the
                    born in Gharbia, 3 June 1945. Graduated
                   from the Faculty of Fine arts, cairo, in    porary artist such as Spanish   artwork itself is the best way to
                   1967.  Earned  professorship  in  1975.     painters and sculptures, who   show the real truth.
                   Founder-dean  of  menia  university’s
                   Faculty of Fine arts (1982-1988). head of
                   the national centre for Fine arts in Egypt,
                   since 1988. head of the museums’ sector
                   of  the  supreme  council  of  antiquities
                   since  1994.  General-supervisor  of  the
                   save  nubia  Fund  from  1996  to  1999.
                   participating in exhibitions in Egypt and
                   abroad since 1956.
                    awards 1995 1st prize, ibiza biennial;
                   1985  prize  for  representing  the  middle
                   East and south-East asia in a competition
                   held in usa; 1987 the Golden sailing prize,
                   kuwait’s  biennale;  1989  the  prize  of
                   Friedrickschtad triennial, norway.
                    medals 1979 Egypt’ medal for arts and
                   science, 1st class; 1979 Egypt’s prize of
                   merit;  1983  nobel  Gold  medal  (com-
                   memorative Festival); 1992 order of merit
                   from spanish king Juan carlos; 1995 the
                   French  officier  order  for  arts  and                                                  space ii, 1997 Mixed Media 40 x 30 cM /15½ x 12 in
                    acquisitions in international museums
                   and institutions in Egypt, spain, norway,
                   usa,  poland,  Germany,  yugoslavia,
                   morocco,  Qatar,  uaE,  Jordan,  saudi
                   arabia, and un.

                   address 54 dimashek st. mohendes-
                   sen, cairo  Egypt. tel/Fax +20 2
                   3488279 tel  +20 122141833

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