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los Misterios de poMpeya
                                         1999 digital art
                                      20 x 90 cM, 8 x 35½ in

                                           Eduardo pla, italo-argentine multifaceted artist has exhibited
                                              his artwork in several individual and group shows in Europe
                                                and in the united states. during his career he has won
                                                   several art awards in milan and new york. he lives in
                                                    argentina. since 1995 were he was granted individual
                                                      shows  in  local  renowned  museums  and  galleries,
                                                       such as, the national art Gallery palais de Glace,
                                                        recoleta cultural center, borges cultural center
                                                         and the national Fine arts museum. Eduardo pla is
                                                         a digital artist; he works with paradigmatic images
                                                          from  religious  iconography.  these  images  are
                                                          composed in a constructive way, using microtons
                                                          giving  them  the  appearance  of  a  chromatic
                                                          “pointillism”, this technique allows him to capture
                                                          the light intervals of the faces and figures selected
                                                          for this theme. through his artwork, the artist is
                                                         searching to recover the spiritual bond, once lost
                                                         between the human and the divine. the answer
                                                        to so many questions about the human condition
                                                       could be found through the metaphysics. and these
                                                      are Eduardo pla,s beliefs.
                                                    according to Jorge Glusberg, “pla’s art is not virtual
                                                   because  it  is  there  for  us  to  see  and  observe,  it  is
                                                 both present and consistent.  but it is undeniable that
                                               his  work  conjures  virtuosity  and  can  be  defined  as  an
                                            art of the virtual”.

               PLa edUardo, j.M gutiérrez 3967 5”a”, buenos aires 1425 argentina, tel /Fax+1 541 801 8453  e-Mail: internet:
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