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edUardo PLa   arGentina

         born in buenos aires in 1952.      proFessional experience 1975 production and direc-  creativi  comunicazione  vsiva  italiy.  bEda,  bureau  of
         education 1970 high school diploma in Electronics for   tion of radio programs buenos aires argentina. 1976 Free   European designers associations associazione illustratori
         communication, EnEt n° 39. buenos aires argentina.1970   lance collaboration de luca advertising agency buenos   milan italiy. -asiFa torino italiy. -EmErtt French associa-
         1974 courses in architecture and urban design, Facultad de   aires. 1975 1977 contemporary music concerts production   tion of  architects and designers. -isEa intersociety for
         arquitectura de la universidad de buenos aires argentina;   buenos aires. 1977 1980 production and direction of film   Electronic art.
         1974 course in audiovisual communication, instituto di   and video direction buenos aires. 1979 coordinator of Film   selected works and exhibitions “Gaitisolo” 16mm
         tella  buenos  aires  argentina;  1975  course  in  theater   and video department, teatro payró buenos aires. 1980   b&w 10m. “barrock” s8 mm color 50 m. “op art” 16mm
         direction with Jaime  kogan, teatro payró  buenos aires   public  relations  and  press  coordinator  centro  Europeo   color  9m.  “op  art  2”  s8mm  color  10m  buenos  aires
         argentina. 1977 course in screenplay, instituto nacional   di  teatro  como  italia.  1981  videoproductions  video   argentina.  “pop  art”  s8mm  color  10m.  “imágenes  de
         de cinematografia buenos aires argentina. 1978 course in   como italiy. 1985 1988 computer Graphic design, studio   buenos  aires”  s8mm  color  15m    -  First  prize  mcba  -.
         Film direction, university of california los angeles ca usa.   iampognani milan italiy. 1988 computer Graphic design,   “aver buenos aires hoy” 16mm color 15m. “cuadros de
         1984 degree in art direction, istituto Europeo di design   studio alchimia milan italiy. 1990 computer Graphic design,   una exposición” s8mm color 15m. “alicia en el pais de las
         milan  italia.  1985  course  in  videographics,  computer   studio  Equart  milan  italiy.  1991  computer  Graphic  and   maravillas” 35mm color 15m. “los suerõos de alicia” s8mm
         Graphics and animation, sony video institute los angeles   animation design, studio pla milan italiy. 1992 computer   color 15m. “sueño de una noche de verano”, videocolor
         ca usa. 1986 course in computer Graphics, sigraph los   Graphic designteaching milan italiy.   60m. “alicia a través del espejo”music hall 90m. “Esfera de
         angeles ca usa. 1990 course in multimedia and virtual   MeMberships  -association  for  computer  machinery   ana duch” s8mm color 15m teatro payró. “pianos” s8mm
         reality, philips institute milan italiy.  siGraph  los  angeles  usa.  -aiap  associazione  italiana   color 15m ballet teatro colón.
          artist talk
                                                                                “El clavel” videocolor 3m. “El malvón” videocolor 3m  buenos
             Leonardo was for me a master        las Mil caras de jesucristo    aires argentina... 1982  “blue monday” videocolor 3m milan
            who let me understand the            1999 digital art               italia; -second prize salsomaggiore Festival-. 1983 “Electric
                                                                                dream” videotape Ferrara italiy. 1984  “1984” videocolor
                                                 90 x 90 cM, 35½ x 35½ in
            relationship between nature and                                     arts Festival Ferrara italiy. 1987 “Effetto arcimboldo”
                                                                                computer picture award of Excellence in computer art
            technique.                                                          new york usa. 1987  “trilogia” computer picture sigraph
                                                                                 los  angeles  usa.  1988  Expo  art-Electronic  Graffiti,
             Before doing digital art I was                                      computer  art  works  bologna  italiy.  bienal  ’88  de
            doing films theatre and art                                          arquitectura de buenos aires, computer graphic videos
                                                                                 buenos aires argentina. 1989  “soli” videocolor 2m
            direction.                                                           collezione alchimia, spazio krizia milan italiy. 1990
                                                                                 “Giardini Frattali” computer graphic works. computer
             All my life I have search inside                                    and art Exhibition villa ciani lugano switzerland. aiap
            my self and the different kinds of                                   Exhibition ideebooks, Graphic design works milan italiy.
                                                                                  associazione illustratori, Graphic design works palazzo
            arts and techniques trying to                                         reale milan italiy. 1991 international Exhibition of
                                                                                  Graphic design and visual communications, Graphic
            express my feelings and emotions                                      design  works,  arts  and  crafts  museum  zagreb
            and it is not easy to define what                                     yugoslavia. 1992 international Exhibition of illustration
                                                                                  and visual art, Graphic design works, xv bienal
            kind of art I was or I am doing.                                      brno czechoslovakia, - premio imagine-. 1992
                                                                                  canale 5 milano italia, - depero anniversary award-.
             I was working for a wile doing                                       1993 bologna children’s book Fair, Graphic design
            advertising and design when I                                          works. illustrators Exhibition, unicef award italiy.
                                                                                   alessi  tendentze  Exhibition,  100%  make  up,
            was living in Milan.                                                   industrial design works milano italiy. 1994 Jornadas
                                                                                   internacionales de la  critica “histaria de on
             Sometimes music is the base of                                        rnalentendido” videoinstalacion, centro cultural
            some of my works.                                                      recoleta buenos aires argentina.1995 art miami,
                                                                                   computer art works miami usa.  artE ba ’95,
             Some of my works looks are                                            computer art works, centro cultural recoleta.
                                                                                    buenos aires argentina. “Eduardo pla: diez
            narrative, some not, anyway we                                          atios de arte virtual” palais de Glace buenos
            always tell the history of our life.                                    aires argentina. bienal ’95 de arquitectura
                                                                                    de buenos aires, computer animation videos,
             In my works each element work                                          centro  cultural  recoleta,  buenos  aires
                                                                                    argentina. «cincuentenario de las naciones
            independently. My work is                                               unidas», videoinstalation, centro cultural
            concluded when there is a                                               recoleta buenos aires argentina. «imágenes
                                                                                    circulates»,  videoinstalation  Fiv  ’95,  i
            balance between all the elements,                                        Festival internacional de video y artes
            when they live together in                                               Electrónicas. centro cultural recoleta
                                                                                     buenos aires argentina. «videomundo
            harmony.                                                                 virtual» vdeoinstalation, centro cultural
                                                                                     borges buenos aires argentina. 1996
             When I start painting I am                  los Misterios de Falerei    «arteba’96” digital art, centro cultural
                                                              1999 digital art
            influenced by everything close to             90 x 90 cM, 35½ x 35½ in   recoleta  buenos  aires  argentina.
                                                                                     „depero virtual“ digital art, Gala Espacio
            me, to my mind, it culd be other                                          de  arte.  buenos  aires  argentina.
                                                                                      „Jardines Fractales“ instalation, centro
            artist, objects or music.                                                 cultural borges buenos aires argen-
             Sometimes people or critics                                              tina. «cascade de Estrellas» videoin-
                                                                                      stalation and «Effetto arcimboldo»
            make me feel an outsider just         los Misterios de etruria            instalation  Fiv  ’96,  ii  Festival
                                                                                      internacionai  de  video  y  artes
            because I am using different         1999 digital art                     Electrdnicas,  teatro  municipal
            techniques. Sometimes they           30 x 90 cM, 12 x 35½ in              General san martin buenos aires
                                                                                       argentina.  1997  «arte  ErGtico
            accept me as a part of a new era                                           Fractal» digital art, museo de arte
                                                                                       americano de maldonado punts
            of artists.                                                                dal  Este  uruguay.  «arteba’97”
             Media, crtics, and the press                                              digital  art,  centro  cultural
                                                                                       recoleta buenos aires argentina.
            were pivotal in my career, but                                             «Jugando con el arte» interactive
                                                                                       children’s game unicef argen-
            most of all the feelings of people                                          tina,  centro  cultural  borges
            looking at my works.                                                        buenos aires argentina. «ilusibn
                                                                                        urbana»  videoinstalation
                                                                                        museo  nacional  de  bellas
                                                                                        artes buenos aires argentina
                                                                                       spEcial issuE 2000     world of art       17
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