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on The road

                                                  PAintinGs By
                               g raha M e  s ydney

                                            1 june - 26 augusT

                           aucKland arT gallery

                                          Toi o TaMaKi

                                       po box 5449 aucKland new zealand
                         T. + 64 9 307 7706 f. + 64 9 302 1096

         the  auckland  art  gallery  toi  o  tamaki                         ranging  from  the  european  masters
         has  the  most  extensive  collection  of                           to  new  zealand  greats  such  as  colin
         new zealand and international art in the                            Mccahon.    the  new  gallery,  opened
         country.    a  public  art  museum  located                         in  1995,  is  dedicated  to  contemporary
         within two buildings, the Main gallery and                          art.  Located at the corner of wellesley
         the  new  gallery,  it  exhibits  work  from                        and Kitchener streets, the auckland art
         its collections along with an ambitious                             gallery is open from 10 am to 5 pm 7 days
         programme of national and international                             a  week.    for  more  information  please
         touring exhibitions.  the Main gallery, first                       phone 64 9 309 0831 or visit our website
         opened  in  1888,  encompasses  artwork                             at
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