Page 18 - The MoMA/ Guggenheim issue of World of Art magazine (2003)
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MoMA The Museum of Modern Art New York

                       Pompidou, Paris. The curators are: John elderfield, Chief Curator atLarge, The Museum of Modern Art,
                       New York; Kirk Varnedoe, Professor of the history of Art, School of historical Studies, Institute for
                       Advanced Study, Princeton; John Golding, Painter and Art historian, London; elizabeth Cowling, Senior
                       Lecturer, Department of Fine Art, University of edinburgh; Anne Baldassari, Curator, Musée Picasso,
                       Paris; and Isabelle Monod-Fontaine, Deputy Director, Musée Nationale d’Art Moderne, Paris.

                       Because of the close cooperation between the four participating museums, Matisse Picasso will be
                       uniquely rich in confrontations between major masterpieces never before physically juxtaposed.


                                                                                henri maTisse
                                                                                Portrait of MadaMe Matisse
                                                                                oil on canvas
                                                                                57 ½ x 38 ½”
                                                                                (146 x 97.7 cm)
                                                                                The sTaTe hermiTage museum, sT.
                                                                                © 2003 succession h. maTisse/
                                                                                arTisTs righTs socieTY (ars), new York
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