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MoMA The Museum of Modern Art New York

                       Matisse Picasso consists of almost 140 works focusing primarily on painting, with sculptures inter-
                       spersed throughout and special sections of works on paper which reinforce critical thinking raised
                       by the confrontations of works on canvas. The exhibition begins with self-portraits executed by the
                       artists in 1906, the year they met, and with works they exchanged soon thereafter. Matisse was by
                       then established as leader of the Fauve movement, which represented everything that was innovative
                       and daring in French painting. Picasso, although he had been recognized in Spain as a child prodigy,
                       was still something of an outsider in Paris. But shrewd observers already saw the two men as the
                       rival personalities most likely to influence future developments in contemporary art.


                            Pablo Picasso
                            oil on canvas
                            51 1/8 x 38 1/8”
                           (129.8 x 96.8 cm)
            The museum of modern arT, new York
                louise reinhardT smiTh bequesT
                © 2003 esTaTe of Pablo Picasso/
           arTisTs righTs socieTY (ars), new York

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