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                       Matisse Picasso seeks to chart the unique relationship between Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso,
                       the two most famous artists of the twentieth century, traditionally viewed as complementary or
                       opposing forces. The relationship between the two men was more complex and much closer, on
                       both psychological and visual levels, than has generally been acknowledged. Over the years each
                       came to regard the other as his only true peer. Late in life, Picasso stated that time would show
                       how in many ways, he and Matisse had been following the same paths during the years that they
                       had established their artistic supremacy. Their initial rivalry encouraged each artist to find his own
                       clear and original voice.                                                           Matisse

                                                                                  Henri Matisse
                                                                                  Blue Nude: MeMory of Biskra
                                                                                  Oil On canvas
                                                                                  36 1/4 x 55 1/4”
                                                                                  (92 x 140 cM)
                                                                                  tHe BaltiMOre MuseuM Of art
                                                                                  tHe cOne cOllectiOn, fOrMed By dr.
                                                                                  clariBel cOne and Miss etta cOne Of
                                                                                  BaltiMOre, Maryland
                                                                                  © 2003 successiOn H. Matisse/
                                                                                  artists rigHts sOciety (ars), new yOrk

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