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years also for organizing exhibitions with such works. I have   Although I haven’t bought Romanian art for about 5 years, I still
         several contemporary Romanian art works, painting, graphics   follow such auctions and sometimes some exhibitions, but all
         and sculpture made by established artists, whom we also meet   from Bucharest.
         in auction houses: Grigore Vasile, Florin Mitroi, Alin Gheorghiu,
         Georgeta Naparus, Magdalena Radulescu, Margareta Sterian,   WHAT IS YOUR ROLE AS AN EXHIBITION ORGANIZER IN
         Sorin Dumitrescu, Horia Bernea, Stefan Câlaia, Petru Russu,   PROMOTING ROMANIAN ART AND HOW DO YOU SELECT
         Paul Neagu, Vasile Gorduz, George Apostu, graphic artists from   LOCATIONS, THEMES AND ARTISTS FOR THE EXHIBITIONS YOU
         Kazar school and others. The most valuable ones, including   ORGANIZE?
         financially, are those of European graphics, starting with   For several years now, together with Dr. Alexandru Constantin
         Picasso, Matisse, Braque, Chagall, de Chirico, Giacometti,   Chitua and the National Brukenthal Museum, I have an
         Dali, Max Ernst (etc.). Some Japanese prints that I have in   excellent partnership for organizing exhibitions with works
         my collection are also very valuable, made by artists such as   from my collection. I discuss the themes of the exhibitions
         Hokusai, Utamaro, Kuniyoshi, Kunisada etc.

         I was interested in the graphics area and managed to make a
         consistent collection over time from which I selected works
         and organized exhibitions in museums in the country and
         abroad. Among my favorite artists I would exemplify: graphic
         artists from Kazar / State School including Mircia Dumitrescu,
         Dan Erceanu, Ion Panaitescu, Nicolae Saftoiu, Harry Guttman,
         Peter Pusztai, Casia Cshesi, etc. I can also list Florin Mitroi,
         Sorin Dumitrescu, Petru Russu, Paula Ribariu, Florin Ciubotaru
         as well as artists from the interwar period.

         In the great museums of the world are present every year
                                                              GEORGE SERBAN COLLECTION: PABLO PICASSO (25 OCT 1881-8 APRIL 1973)
         Goya’s works which I saw in Madrid Paris or other museums   ‘‘IPAINTER N THE STUDIO AND MODEL EXAMINING HIS PORTRAIT’’. 1965.
                                                              AQUATINT, DRYPOINT AND SCRAPER. 249 X 385 (BLOCH 1223 BAER 1205 BB 1).
         in Europe. As I have a collection of Goya engravings including
                                                              THE PRINT MADE ON VÉLIN RICHARD DE BAS, FOR THE LOUISE LEIRIS GALLERY,
         series - Caprices Tauromaquia and War Disasters - I was   NUMBERED AND SIGNED IN PENCIL. EX. 28/50
         inspired to bring them to exhibitions in museums in the
         country as well. The same was true for Japanese prints. After   together with Dr. Alexandru Constantin Chitua - who is always
         the 90s when it was possible to travel outside Romania I saw   the curator; I select the works from my personal collection
         many exhibitions and started buying Japanese prints (so now I   and get involved in everything that means organizing the
         have over 2300 copies). Starting with 2018 I opened exhibitions   exhibition, including making its catalog, which always appears
         of Japanese prints from Edo and Meiji era on various themes in   at the National Brukenthal Museum publishing house. It is
         Romania in museums from Bucharest and other counties.  appropriate to show here that most of the themes of the
                                                              exhibitions made so far are original, premiering in Romania,
         HOW DO YOU EVALUATE THE CURRENT STATE OF THE         both in the field of Romanian art, as well as European and
         ART MARKET IN ROMANIA AND WHAT ARE THE MAIN          Japanese. There is a permanent dialogue between me and
         OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES FOR ROMANIAN ARTISTS    the managers of museum institutions where I organize or will
         AND COLLECTORS?                                      organize exhibitions with works from my own collection.
         There are 3/4 auction houses in Bucharest and Cluj that
         promote and sell works by interwar and contemporary   WHAT WAS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL EXHIBITION YOU
         Romanian artists. I see this as an opportunity for art   ORGANIZED OR PARTICIPATED IN AND WHAT IMPACT DID IT
         collectors, who have the opportunity to see the works, receive   HAVE ON THE PUBLIC AND ART CRITICS?
         information about them and decide on their future acquisition.   There have been several exhibitions that I consider successful.

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