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For example, the exhibition “50 years of Romanian    WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE FUTURE REGARDING YOUR
         graphics”, organized at Oradea Fortress, was opened in   PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY AND YOUR PASSION FOR ART?
         2019 and was open to the public until 2022. After the event,   I am interested in continuing my professional activity as
         the organizers communicated that the number of visitors   manager of a law firm especially since my children are also
         to this exhibition was 65,000 people. Another impactful   partners. The collection is improving in European art and
         exhibition was dedicated to Goya’s creation, which was   Japanese art. I follow international auctions and mainly buy
         opened in Iasi and then in other locations in the country,   works that will be included in my exhibition themes. I am also
         in the presence of both the Spanish ambassador and other   interested in going abroad with works from my collection
         diplomats in Romania. Organized at the Senate of Romania   and even this year together with Romanian Cultural Institute
         in 2021, the exhibition represented a tribute to Spain’s   I organized Romanian Artists on Mapamond exhibition which
         national day and a moment of celebration of 145 years   has already been exhibited in Chisinau and Vienna and will
         of diplomatic relations between Romania and Spain. The   continue its course to Budapest and Istanbul also in 2023.
         Japanese print exhibition “Journey into Meiji Prints” was
         first opened at the National Brukenthal Museum in the   HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO BALANCE THE DEMANDS OF YOUR
         presence of Japan’s ambassador to Romania. The event was   CAREER AS A LAWYER WITH THE TIME DEDICATED TO ART
         successful with an audience of 45,000 visitors according   AND FAMILY?
         to official data provided by the museum. Thus in 2023 it   Part of my collection is exhibited in the law firm’s headquarters
         continued in Bucharest also on Japan Day. At the opening   (over 250 works), plus most of the works are stored here. So
         of the event 30 foreign diplomats attended most being   being in the office all the time I am ‘available’ for both! And
         ambassadors.                                         the family is interested in art, so there is a certain ‘harmony’
                                                              between the two areas.

                                                              WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO YOUNG LAWYERS WHO
                                                              WANT TO PURSUE A SUCCESSFUL CAREER IN THE LEGAL FIELD?
                                                              Yes, here I have to be rigorous: you cannot have a successful
                                                              career in law without thorough and continuous professional
                                                              training. At the same time, I would advise them to cultivate
                                                              themselves, to develop passions such as literature, art or

                                                              HOW DID YOU START COLLABORATING WITH ART CRITIC
                                                              ALEXANDRU CHITUTA, CUSTODIAN AT BRUKENTHAL MUSEUM
                                                              IN SIBIU, ROMANIA AND WHAT ROLE DOES HE HAVE IN
                                                              ORGANIZING YOUR EXHIBITIONS?
                                                              I started collaborating with Dr. Alexandru Constantin Chitua,
                                                              current interim director of the National Brukenthal Museum,
                                                              in 2019 when we opened together Kabuki Theater Japanese
                                                              print exhibition. Since then we have been working permanently
                                                              on organizing exhibitions with works from my collection.
                                                              Dr. Alexandru Constantin Chitua is always curator of my
                                                              exhibitions but also technical producer of catalogs for these
                                                              events. At the same time he establishes partnerships with
                                                              museums or other cultural institutions from Romania where
                                                              the above mentioned exhibitions will be opened.

                                                              WHAT ARE THE MAIN THEMES OF THE EXHIBITIONS YOU HAVE
                                                              ORGANIZED AND WHAT ARTWORKS HAVE YOU SELECTED FOR
                                                              THESE EXHIBITIONS?
                                                              First of all I proposed and organized exhibitions that had
         GEORGE SERBAN COLLECTION: ION STATE (1937-1977), THE SCREAM   not been done before in Romania. I proposed themes for

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